SMAC Points

How do I earn SMAC points?

Present your SMAC to the cashier before any purchase transaction at SMAC partner brands.

Is there a minimum purchase amount required to earn SMAC points?

No, just present your card at the cashier to earn SMAC points.

How long does it take for points to be credited to my account?

It takes fifteen (15) working days after transaction date for points to be reflected on your account.
Your transaction history may be viewed via the SMAC website and SMAC mobile app.

How do I check my SMAC points balance?

Download the SMAC mobile app or visit to keep updated on your points balance and many other SMAC benefits you are eligible to enjoy or you may visit a Cashier Counter at any SM Retail Partner establishment.

How do I redeem my points?

SMAC points can be used to pay for your purchases at any SM Retail Partner establishment.
No minimum amount required to start using those SMAC points.

Will my SMAC points expire?

SMAC points are subject to expiry depending on your activity or membership expiry:

Your SMAC points will NOT expire as long as:

  1. You have one (1) valid point-earning or point redemption activity within two (2) calendar years. 


  • No points earning or redemption: January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2025
  • Grace period to redeem expiring points: January 1, 2026 to March 31, 2026
  • Points forfeiture: April 1, 2026
  1. You renew your SMAC not later than three (3) months from your membership expiry date.

Otherwise, all unused points will be forfeited.

Can I transfer my SMAC points?

Yes, you can transfer your points to another SMAC Start, SMAC or SMAC Prestige account

How do I transfer points?

Download the SMAC mobile app or visit to transfer your points.

Do transferred points expire?

Yes, they expire like regular points.