New Features

What is a SMAC Virtual Card?

The SMAC Virtual Card is the digital counterpart format of a physical SMAC Start, SMAC, or SMAC Prestige Card.
All members who register for an online account will be given a SMAC Virtual Card.

What is card linking and what loyalty cards can I link?

Card linking is the merging of loyalty accounts. You may link your SMAC Start, SMAC, and SMAC Prestige.

What happens to my accounts once they are linked?

Points of all linked accounts shall be merged into a single wallet.  The balance in the single wallet will be reflected across all linked physical cards. 

Can I link more than one SMAC to my online account?

Yes, however the SMAC Virtual Card to be displayed will always be the highest tier.

Can I unlink my SMAC?

Once a card is linked, it can no longer be reversed.