New Features

How does the SMAC Virtual Card work?

The SMAC Virtual Card is a digital format of the SMAC Start, SMAC, or SMAC Prestige Card.
All members who registered for an online account will be given a SMAC Virtual Card.

Can I link more than one SMAC to my online account?

Yes. However, only one virtual card will be assigned per card type.
The SMAC Virtual Card to be displayed will be the highest tier.

Will card specific benefits be extended to all my cards if they are linked to one account?

No. Card specific benefits are not shared across all linked cards.
As an example, a member that has linked both a SMAC and an Ace Rewards Card, cannot use his Ace Rewards Card in The SM Store to earn more points.

Can I unlink my SMAC?

You can no longer unlink your SMAC.