Membership Application

How can I apply?

You can apply for a SMAC membership two ways:
1. IN-STORE: At the Cashier Counter of any branch of SM Store, Alfamart, Waltermart Department Store or Supermarket OR at the Customer Service Counter of SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, and SaveMore.
2. ONLINE: Visit the SMAC website at
Membership fee is P200, which is good for 5 years.

Who can apply for a SMAC?

Individuals aged 18 and above can apply for a SMAC membership.

How long does my membership last?

The validity of your membership will depend on your membership account type.
MEMBERSHIP TIER                      VALIDITY
SMAC Start                                     Evergreen
SMAC                                               Five (5) years
SMAC Prestige                              One (1) year

Will SMAC deliver my card after purchasing it online?

No. You need to claim your SMAC at the Customer Service Counter of any SM Store branch.

Can I return my SMAC?

You can no longer return your SMAC once purchased in-store or online.

Can I request for a refund if I purchased my SMAC online?

You may email us at or with your transaction details and the reason for your request.

Can I cancel my SMAC membership?

You can cancel your SMAC membership by emailing or 

How do I create an online account?

To create an online account, register your membership information at the SMAC website via or download the SMAC mobile app.

How do I change or reset the email or password on my online account?

Login and access your account, go to settings and update your profile.