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SM Supermarket & Savemore

70 EXTRA SMAC POINTSGrand Adult Diaper Large 18s+2
May 1 to 31, 2024
15 EXTRA SMAC POINTSSafeguard Bar Soap White 3pid 175g x3
5 EXTRA SMAC POINTSMilo Active Go 24g x 12
SAVE P40Dove Body Wash Sensitive Skin 1000mL
May 1 to 15, 2024
SAVE P8.5Hapi Fiesta Vegetable Oil Pouch 1L x2
SAVE P2Colgate Triple Action 175g x 2s
SAVE P15Milo Breakfast Cereal 450g
May 16 to 31, 2024
SAVE P15Dove Serum Conditioner Keratin Repair Blue 275mL
SAVE P12Lady's Choice Mayonaise Doy Pack 470mL
5O EXTRA SMAC POINTSBelo Sun Expert Tinted Sunscreen SPF50 50mL
May 3 to 17, 2024:
SM Supermarket Dasmariñas, BF Parañaque, Sta. Mesa, and Savemore Market Alapan

May 3 to 5:
SM Supermarket San Lazaro

May 24 to June 7:
SM Supermarket Southmall, Santa Rosa, Calamba, and Savemore Market Festival Mall

May 24 to 26:
SM Supermarket Dasmariñas
5O EXTRA SMAC POINTSDermplus Sunblock SPF130 50mL
3O EXTRA SMAC POINTSVaseline Gluta Hya Glow Lotion 200mL
25 EXTRA SMAC POINTSiWhite Aqua Moisture Glow Brightening 50mL
25 EXTRA SMAC POINTSGarnier Super UV Matte Sunscreen 30mL
15 EXTRA SMAC POINTSEnervon C Syrup 120 mL
15 EXTRA SMAC POINTSBragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 16oz
15 EXTRA SMAC POINTSVeet Depilatory Cold Wax Strips Normal Skin 12s
12 EXTRA SMAC POINTSDove Deodorant Roll On Serum Collagen Pink 45mL
10 EXTRA SMAC POINTSTulip Jamonilla Luncheon Meat Reduced Sodium 340g
10 EXTRA SMAC POINTSBarilla Sauce Arrabbiata Chili 400g
10 EXTRA SMAC POINTSPalmolive Shampoo Ultra Smooth Green 400mL + 15mL x 6
10 EXTRA SMAC POINTSNivea Intensive Moisture Body Milk Lotion 125mL
10 EXTRA SMAC POINTSUFC Golden Fiesta Palm Oil 2L with Free Vinegar
10 EXTRA SMAC POINTSPenshoppe Love Story for Women Pink 70mL
8 EXTRA SMAC POINTSMaxi-Peel Concealing Cream Fair 25g
8 EXTRA SMAC POINTSCeleteque Gentle Exfoliating Facial Wash 60mL
8 EXTRA SMAC POINTSVitress Hair Freshener Floral Bloom 100mL
8 EXTRA SMAC POINTSPonds Foam Bright Miracle 100g
8 EXTRA SMAC POINTSSkin White Lotion Papaya Milk 200mL
5 EXTRA SMAC POINTSLactacyd Feminine Wash Cool Sensation 250mL
5 EXTRA SMAC POINTSBaguio Pure Coconut Oil Pouch 1L
5 EXTRA SMAC POINTSDel Monte Sweet Style Partypack
5 EXTRA SMAC POINTSCleene Cotton Balls 300s
5 EXTRA SMAC POINTSPurefoods Corned Beef 210g
5 EXTRA SMAC POINTSAlaska Crema All Purpose Cream 250mL
5 EXTRA SMAC POINTSMoringa O2 Herbal Anti-Dandruff 2-in-1 200mL
5 EXTRA SMAC POINTSCathydoll Foam Acne Oil Control 150mL
5 EXTRA SMAC POINTSSenka Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam 120g
SAVE P60Ensure Gold Vanilla 1.6kg
All Weekends of May
SAVE P53Glucerna Sr VPowder Vanilla 900g
SAVE P50Pediasure Plus 2.4kg
SAVE P38Pediasure Plus 10+ Chocolate 1.8kg
SAVE P38Pediasure Plus 10+ Vanilla 1.8kg
SAVE P26Glucerna Sr Vanilla 400g
SAVE P26Glucerna Triple Care Chocolate 400g
SAVE P25Pediasure Plus Vanilla 1.8 kg
SAVE P25Pediasure Plus Chocolate 1.8kg
SAVE P23Similac Gain School 2.4kg
SAVE P19Ensure Gold Vanilla 850g
SAVE P19Ensure Gold Chocolate 850g
SAVE P19Similac Gain School 1.8kg
SAVE P14Similac Gain School 1.2kg
SAVE P10Quaker Old Fashioned Rolled Oats 1.2kg
SAVE P10Tide Perfect Clean Powder with Downy 1.16kg
SAVE P8Tide Perfect Clean Powder with Downy Perfume Fantasy 1.16kg
SAVE P7Ensure Gold Vanilla 400g
SAVE P6Quaker Old Fashioned Rolled Oats 500g
SAVE P5Quaker Oats Quick Foil 800g
SAVE P5Quaker Oats Instant Foil 800g
SAVE P5Quaker Oats Instant Oatmeal Chocolate 500g
SAVE P5Quaker Oats Banana & Honey Instant Oatmeal 500g
SAVE P5Knorr Liquid Seasoning 500mL
SAVE P5C2 Green Tea Apple 1L
SAVE P5C2 Green Tea Lemon 1L
SAVE P5Safeguard White Camellia Bar Soap 160g x 3
SAVE P4Jack & Jill Potato Vcut Barbeque Party Pack 155g
SAVE P4Jack & Jill Nova Country Cheddar Party Pack 160g
SAVE P4Tide Perfect Clean Powder with Downy 3pid 87g x 6
SAVE P3Quaker Oats Quick Foil 400g
SAVE P3Knorr Liquid Seasoning Original DOY 250mL
SAVE P3Knorr Liquid Seasoning Chili 250mL
SAVE P2Sprite Regular in Can 320mL
SAVE P2Quaker Oats Instant Foil 400g
SAVE P2Jack & Jill Piattos Supersized Cheese Party 170g
SAVE P2Colgate Great Regular Flavor 195g x2
SAVE P2Colgate Triple Action 175g x 2
SAVE P2Colgate Advanced White 160g x 2
SAVE P2Close-Up Toothpaste Red Hot 175g Save 55% on 2nd
SAVE P2Close-Up Toothpaste Green Menthol Fresh 175g Save 55% on 2nd
SAVE P1Coke Regular in Can 320mL
SAVE P1Royal Tru-Orange in Can 320mL
SAVE P1C2 Green Tea Apple 500 mL
SAVE P1C2 Green Tea Lemon 500 mL
SAVE P1Oishi Oheya Multi-Grain Snack 100g
SAVE P1Close-Up Toothpaste Red Hot 120g Save 50% on 2nd
SAVE P1Close-Up Toothpaste Green Menthol Fresh 120g Save 50% on 2nd
SAVE P1Lampein Baby Diaper Pants Jumbo XXXL38


SM Hypermarket

72 EXTRA SMAC POINTSLysol Disinfectant Spray Crisp Linen 510g
May 1 to 15, 2024
72 EXTRA SMAC POINTSLysol Disinfectant Spray Early Morning Breeze 510g
4 EXTRA SMAC POINTSSisters Napkin Dry Night With Wings 8s
SAVE P7Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate 90g
SAVE P4Purefoods Corned Beef 210g
SAVE P3Century Tuna Flakes Vegetable in Oil 180g
May 16 to 31, 2024
1 EXTRA SMAC POINTKnorr Sinigang Sampalok Original 44g
SAVE P60Pediasure Plus 2.4kg
All Weekends of May
SAVE P32Ensure Gold Vanilla 1.6kg
SAVE P26Pediasure Plus 10+ Vanilla 1.8kg
SAVE P24Ensure Gold Vanilla 1.2kg
SAVE P20Promil Gold Four 2.4kg
SAVE P19Promil Gold Four 1.8kg
SAVE P19Promil Four 2.4kg
SAVE P18Celeteque Hydration Facial Wash 250mL
SAVE P17Promil Four 1.8kg
SAVE P12Lactum 3+ Powdered Plain 2kg
SAVE P11Celeteque Facial Cream Liquid Moisturizer 100mL
SAVE P10Celeteque Gentle Exfoliating Facial Wash 100mL
SAVE P9Lactum 3+ Vanilla 1.5kg
SAVE P9Celeteque Facial Wash Natural Moist 100mL
SAVE P7Lady's Choice Mayonnaise 1kg
SAVE P7Coke Regular in Can 320mL x 6 Save Php 15
SAVE P7Coke Zero Sugar in Can 320mL x 6 Save Php 15
SAVE P6Celeteque Gentle Exfoliating Facial Wash 60mL
SAVE P4Lady's Choice Mayonnaise 470mL
SAVE P4Lady's Choice Mayonnaise Doy Pack 470mL
SAVE P4Nescafe Creamy Latte Twin Pack 51g x 5s
SAVE P4Nescafe Creamy White Twin Pack 51g x 5s
SAVE P3Lady's Choice Mayonnaise 700mL
SAVE P2Lady's Choice Mayonnaise 220mL
SAVE P1Lady's Choice Mayonnaise Doy 220mL


How to Avail

Present your SMAC Start, SMAC, or SMAC Prestige Card upon payment.


Terms & Conditions

  • Members can only avail up to five (5) pieces per participating item per transaction.
  • EXTRA SMAC points will be credited within 15 working days after the transaction.
  • In the purchase of goods and services which are on promotional discount, the senior citizen can avail of the promotional discount or the discount provided under the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010, whichever is higher.
  • SMAC Start Cards are not eligible for discounts and freebies.‚Äč
  • SMAC and SMAC Prestige Cards with the old design are still valid for this promo.


Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-183036 Series of 2023, 181876, 190161, and 191287 Series of 2024